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Best hot Flirty quotes for married women – (Updated – Aug 2021)

Here in this article, I am presenting some flirty quotes for women, flirting with married women quote, quotes to impress married women, flirty messages for married women, and flirty quotes for women so you may strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Flirting is an art. It’s a subtle technique to win hearts and impress the ones you want. Even after marriage, you should flirt with your partner. Flirting with your wife keeps the romance alive in the relationship. I am not married yet but I know people who are and after asking them a lot of questions this is the article I came up with.  You may not be able to give her time due to your busy schedule but flirting with her will make her feel special.

I have collected these best quotes from all over the internet, I dug deep inside many websites such as Pinterest, and other social and love blogs to collect these flirty quotes.

These flirty messages for married women can also be used for a fiancee, for a married female friend, and this could go a bit naughty too. If you know what I mean?

Flirty Quotes For Married Women

Even god can’t understand women, this has been said for decades and it is true indeed. May it be your wife, fiancee, or friend all you can do is to keep her smiling and happy, and flirting is a nice way to do so. Here are some flirty quotes for women.

Flirty quotes for women

I lost my number. Can i have yours?

This is a very sharp and attention-grabbing flirty quote. It can impress a woman easily but not the wrong type. Like I always say a wrong quote sent to the wrong person may lead to disaster. It’s all for you to decide.

Flirty quotes for women

My doctor says i am lacking vitamin U.

This is an innocent flirty quote for women. It has a convincing sense of innocence that appeals directly to the heart. Innocence is often caught by strong hearts and who has a stronger heart than a woman.

Flirty quotes for women

Do you believe in love at first sight or I should walk again?

This flirty quote has a sense of stubborn love. It surely can impress the women of your life. You must know enough about the women to choose the quotes accordingly.

Flirty quotes for women

Your lips look lonely. Would they mind to meet mine?

Well, if you want to kiss your woman then go ahead and send her this. Tell her no matter how much time has passed you still want her with the same amount of love. This quote could be a bit naughty or we can say seductive but it definitely creates a spark in the relationship. This may be a perfect flirty quote for a wife.

Flirty quotes for women

Do you like sleeping? Me too. We should do it together sometime.

A naughty quote again. Well, this too can be a flirty quote for a wife or fiancee.

Hot Flirty Quotes For Married Women

A married woman is hard to get as she had a commitment already but if you want to impress a married woman, it is difficult. Here are a few flirty messages for married women and quotes to impress married women so go ahead a give it a try.

​_Hot Flirty quotes for women

I would offer you a cigarette but you are already smoking hot.

This flirty messages for a married woman can be used to flirt with another woman whom you are not supposed to flirt with, at least society and moral says so. But I have always appreciated love and I believe it can’t be bound by morals and social obligations.  Go ahead boy,  this is just the flirty quote for married women. Impress her and give her what she deserves.

Flirty quotes for married women

Extra marital affair is legal now. What do you say?

So, naughty but not so naughty flirty messages for married women. It provokes a woman and can indicate if she loves you or not. But you better be careful. This is not a way to start flirting with a completely unknown woman.

Flirty quotes for married women

I don't like your wedding album. Let's get you another one.

Well, asking a married woman for marriage is a difficult task but this quote will make it easy for you. It asks a difficult question in a light-hearted manner. This is a flirty quote for someone you like and want to marry.

These were some flirting with married woman quotes which can also be used as flirting messages for married women. I will keep updating this as per the time. Till then please share this article as much as you can and comment on your thoughts.

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