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8 Best Flirty Quotes For Crush – Updated (Jan 2021)

Do you like someone? Do you have a crush on someone? Or you want to take your friendship to the next level? Well, here you are. This is the best place to find flirty quotes for crush. Having a crush on someone is fascinating and sleep stealing. Everyone has a crush on somebody. Some just let it go and some take it to the next level. Although It demands some extra effort and courage. If you have the courage then here is the way to do so.

Flirting may be the key or we can say the best way to disclose your feelings to someone you like. As they say, if you can’t say it then flirt it.

Here are some flirty quotes for your crush and flirty quotes for someone you like.

Flirty Quotes For Crush.


Flirty quotes for crush - favourite notification

You are my favourite notification.

This is a very simple and innocent quote you can use for your crush. Probably use it at a very initial stage. Like, when you just started talking to her and it has been a few days. It will be a perfect time.

Flirty quotes for crush

Hey, i wanted to tell you that your smile drives me crazy.

Well, we all love someone secretly and want to see them smiling forever. This is the perfect flirty quote to tell your crush how you feel when she smiles.


flirty quotes for crush

Should I call the police? because you just stole my heart.

“Hahaha” maybe their obvious reaction to this flirty quote for someone you like. That’s what you want. Go ahead. This flirty quote for crush falls in the category of naughty flirty quote. This is one of my favorites.

Flirty quotes for crush - very naughty quote

Your body is 70% water and i am thirsty.

This quote is kind of naughty, it has this intimate feeling glued to it. It conveys that you want to be intimate with your crush or be close to them. Be careful with it. Like I always say a wrong quote sent to the wrong person may lead to disaster. It’s all for you to decide.

flirty quotes for crush

Is your name WiFi? Because i feel a connection.

This is that clever type of quote that people like most. Starting with this quote will be an advantage and you will be able to impress your crush quickly. Sending this may indicate that you share a connection.


flirty quotes for crush

Your name is my favorite word.

This is another innocent flirty quote for crush. Every part of the person you love becomes your favorite and especially their name. This quote just expresses that to your loved one.  you


flirty quotes for your crush

i stop breathing when you smile.

This quote is very much dipped in the feel of love and is very intense and emotional. This will reflect how much you love your cush or how badly you need them.

Some extra flirty quotes for crush.

flirty quotes to make her smile

Do you have a name? Or can i call you mine?

Thought this quote has been previously seen in the other post but as I mentioned this can be used in several circumstances and is best for your crush. This flirty quote is a tricky and good feeling. One can’t resist this easily.

These were some handpicked flirty quotes for crush. Almost we all have had a crush on someone and we want it to express them. Quotes can be helpful and may make is easy for you. Flirty quotes make talking fun and interesting. Flirting is an art.

Stay tuned for more flirty quotes.

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