12 Flirty Quotes For Boyfriend To Make Him Love More (Updated – May 2021)

Having someone who makes you feel special is so amazing. The least you can do to make them feel the same is to send them nice loving or sometimes flirty quotes to your boyfriend. Girls are tender-hearted and loving but boys, on the other hand, are strong and don’t easily express themselves. Though, you are special as your boyfriend is sharing his feelings with you and even if he is not then he definitely doesn’t want you to worry about anything. Here are some “best flirty quotes for boyfriend.”


Cute Flirty Quotes For Boyfriend

Flirting with your boyfriend may be amazing and let me tell you a secret, boys like it when girls flirt with them. Whether you have an old relationship or a new one or maybe it is not yet a relationship but these flirty quotes fulfill all your needs. These are some “cute flirty quotes for boyfriend” as these quotes have a cute and innocent feeling attached to them. These cute flirting quotes for a boyfriend are some of the best you’ll find on the internet. See yourself and find out.


cute flirty quotes for boyfriend

You are the part of me i'll always need.

In this world all hearts are like different pieces of puzzles and when the right pieces meet they mold together to form one soul and stay that way forever. This what this cute and innocent flirty quote for your boyfriend is saying and I know that sounds pretty deep.


cute flirty quotes for your boyfriend

You give me feelings i can't explain.

How your boyfriend makes you feel? Tell him by sending him this flirty quote. This will make your loved one feel special and love you back more.


flirty quotes for boyfriend

You are my definition of perfect.

You know that “whatever you are, you are perfect for me” feeling this quote conveys that same feeling of your love. this flirty quote for a boyfriend is great for times when your boyfriend is feeling low. This will tell him that you will always love him.


flirty quotes for boyfriend

If you were a pill, i'd overdose you.

This “flirty quote for boyfriend” is the perfect way to tell your boyfriend how badly you want him. This will definitely impress him and will make him love you more.


"you make me smile despite the miles" flirty quotes for boyfriend

You make me smile despite the miles.

If you are in a long-distance relationship or you are away from your boyfriend for some reason that will a nice quote to send to him.

Naughty Flirty Quotes For Your Boyfriend.

Cuteness and innocence is not the only thing you want. Being a bit naughty will help you in pleasing your boyfriend with less effort and make him feel more special. here are some “naughty flirty quotes for boyfriend”.


flirty quotes for her lips

Smile! its the second best thing you do with your lips.

Let me clear it first, by sending this flirty quote to your boyfriend you will be indicating towards kissing. If your relation not so developed yet just let it go.


Flirty quotes for crush

Your body is 70% water and i am thirsty.

This quote also in some manner indicates intimacy and how much you want your love. Being naughty and sending intimate quotes always make the bond strong.

Flirty Quotes For Bonding With Your New Boyfriend

If you just started your relationship. Here are some flirty quotes for your new relationship. You can send these to your boyfriend and maybe these will become a conversation starter for you both.


bonding flirty quotes for new boyfriend

I looked at you as a friend until i realized i love you.

You must tell your boyfriend how naturally you developed feelings for him. I know exactly ho insecure new relationships can be. This will make your boyfriend feel secure and assure him that you really love him. This quote is the perfect way to express this.


flirty quotes for bonding with your new boyfriend

And suddenly, all the love songs turned to be about you.

Love can be sudden too and this quote is the perfect way to express this to your boyfriend. How all the romantic songs can suddenly point to only one person you just met. Well, that’s the magic of love.


"you are the best thing i never planned" flirty quote image

You are the best thing i never planned.

Love is never planned. The true nature of love is very surprising, sudden, and astonishing. This flirty quote for your bf or say, boyfriend, says the same.


pleasing flirty quote for your new relationship

I can't promise to fix all your problems but i can promise you will not have them alone.

Love is all about togetherness and bonding. This quote will strengthen your bond with your boyfriend.


Good morning to the man who i'll love forever.

Wishing good morning in such a lovely manner will make his day.


These were some flirty quotes for boyfriend and new relationships. It was fun providing you with such an amazing set of quotes you can try in your new relationship. Soon I’ll be back with a new article. Till then Goodbye.

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