Flirty quotes for Instagram captions, bios, and posts – 2021

Instagram is a new thrill. Everybody is using Instagram nowadays and I guess even those people whom you are trying to impress. So, here are some flirty quotes, captions, and comments ideas for Instagram.

Only posting awesome pictures won’t get you satisfaction unless you put some attractive caption with it too.

In this article, I will write about some flirty quotes and phrases that may be used on Instagram for posting, image captions, bios, comments, etc.

And don’t forget to check out the flirty bios and flirty comments section.

Let’s begin.

Best Instagram Flirty Captions For Images

Here are some flirty short captions that you can use with images on Instagram and Facebook and other social platforms.

However, I have written a separate article if you are looking for flirty quotes for WhatsApp status.

The list below contains the 12 best flirty love captions for Instagram images to impress your true love.

  • Lookin’ like a snack. Come, eat me!
  • Too hot to handle.
  • Ready to eat me?
  • Would you like to have me as your dessert?
  • Careful, babe. Staring too much might cause you to fall in love.
  • I want to be the girl your “ex” hates, and your mom loves.
  • I’m the hot tea for today.
  • Guess what I’m thinking about right now? You.
  • God called, he says I’m the answer to your prayers.
  • Follow your heart, but don´t be stupid.
  • I fall in love with her the very first time when she smiles at me.
  • You are the reason for my daily smile.

Flirty quotes for Instagram post

You don’t want to be too direct and text the person you like as you don’t know what will be their reaction.

So, you post images on Instagram or stories as hints for the one you are trying to impress.

Then, Flirty Instagram posts may be a good thing to start with.

Here, are some flirty quotes with images to use in Instagram stories or posts.

Dirty Instagram Quote: 'If you don’t wanna have kids with me, then why don’t we just practice?'
If you don’t wanna have kids with me, then why don’t we just practice?

This is more of a dirty quote for Instagram. Be careful while using this quote. Only use this quote in case if you know the other person very well and you are close to them.

Cute flirty Instagram quote: 'Will you give hope to this hopeless romantic'
Will you give hope to this hopeless romantic?

Here is a cute flirty quote to post on Instagram. This has a nice feel to it.

Cute flirty Instagram quote: 'My best love was chocolate. Then you came around.'
My best love was chocolate. Then you came around.

This is another cute quote. These types of quotes often stimulate an ‘aww’ feeling inside the reader.

flirty quote:'Honestly, I have no idea how to live without you'
Honestly, I have no idea how to live without you.

This quote is simple and reflects intense love to the reader. Use this if you want to flirt with your bae.

flirty short captions:' You are in my 2 am thoughts.'
You’re in my 2 am thoughts.

This quote has a sad feel to it. It may be a flirty quote but a serious one. The quote has intense vibes.

flirty instagram quote: 'are you a keyboard because you are my type.'
Are you a keyboard because you are my type.

This is a witty Instagram quote to flirt with. This is one of my favorites.

flirty quote Instagram: '8 billion people on this planet yet all I need is you'
8 billion people on this planet, yet all I need is you.

This is another serious flirty quote. If you want to flirt and show your intense love at the same time use this.

cute flirty Instagram caption: 'Who wants to practice kissing with me'
Who wants to practice kissing with me?

Another cute flirty Instagram quote. This one is also one of my favorites too.

flirty kissing quote: 'I can read lips when they are touching mine'
I can read lips when they’re touching mine.

This is a typical kissing flirty quote. This the most common type of flirty quote that is used among couples.

lovely Instagram quote: 'Sweet dreams. With me in them, of course.'
Sweet dreams. With me in them, of course.

This one lovely. Somewhat cute we may say. Best for Instagram goodnight stories.

flirty Instagram love quote: 'If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing'
If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?

This one is to tell your beloved that you want to live with them forever. It’s willy and nice.

sexy flirty Instagram quote: 'Let’s do some “we shouldn’t be doing this” kind of things'
Let’s do some “we shouldn’t be doing this” kind of things.

Another dirty quote for Instagram. Be cautious while using.

flirty quote: 'I am addicted to the feel of your hands on mine'
I’m addicted to the feel of your hands on mine.

This one is a simple flirty Instagram quote. Use it to express your love.

Above mentioned quotes may be used as Instagram posts and stories or even as Facebook post and stories too.

Flirty bio for Instagram

Having an interesting and eye-catching bio helps in creating a good impression on people.

Below is a list of flirty bio quotes for Instagram that you can use. These are very classy quotes and I have handpicked these myself from various sources such as Pinterest and other social platforms.

  • I’m S.I.N.G.L.E.: Sexy, Innocent, Naughty, Gorgeous, Lustful, and Exciting!
  • Nice legs? what time do they open?
  • I finally realized this, I need you more than I thought.
  • Let’s play Titanic, you’ll be the ocean and ill go down on you.
  • Of course, I’m naughty. I’ve always had to compete for attention, you see.
  • Excuse me, miss, do you give head to strangers? No. Well, then, allow me to introduce myself.
  • God might have been either drunk or naughty when he was creating women.
  • My girlfriend told me that she was seeing another man. I told her to rub her eyes.

Flirty comments

Comments must be unique in order to leave an impression on others. If you want to show possessiveness to your beloved or even want to hint them about your secret liking then commenting on their posts is the best thing for you.

In this section of the article, is a list of the 8 best flirty Instagram comments you can use to impress.

  • Stop showing off, we all know you’re attractive.
  • Bring that fine ass over here right now.
  • You’re so cute, I can’t deal.
  • You are my 12 out of 10.
  • You make my heart flutter.
  • That smile is dangerous.
  • You’re so cute, I can’t deal.
  • you look really cute in this and always.

This is all for now and I hope you liked this article.

In this article, I have created the images as per my choice but in case If you like a quote but don’t like its image feel free to copy the quote and make your own version.

In case you are unable to do so then just comment, and I will do it for you.

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